I'm 17.
A writer, a lover, a psychonaut.




I’m a crazy motherfucker, I’ll murder you in cold blood,

then eat your guts for breakfast with coffee and jelly donuts.

They say I go nuts with the style I represent,

I can be rude but I try not to condescend.

Sometimes it’s hard when everyone’s below me,

and when they’re up in my face, I tell these kids to blow me.

If you object, I’ll just snap your neck,

Leave you choking on your own blood, you fucking nervous wreck.

That’s how I get down, you better get down,

I’m drunk as hell and I’m pointing a pistol around.

Someone might die and I just might laugh,

So watch what you say, it might cause whiplash.

Like Metallica, I heard you’ve come to see the show.

I’m a late-night murderer, all systems go.

Who’s next on my list? I really don’t know.

I don’t care either, I just want the blood to flow.

You think I’m wrong, you say I’m heartless?

You really think I want to be a gold artist?

That’s a joke, I think you’ve got shit for brains.

Now you can clearly see we don’t think the same.

It doesn’t matter, that makes us different.

You must be the hero if I’m portrayed as the villain,

Running around town snatching up all the children.

I’ll find a way to frame you and you’re the one going to prison.

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